Hi, this is Mariko working as a Planning &PR coordinator in Seki-Biz(Seki City Business Support Center) supporting SMEs in Gifu area.   

If you are planning to visit Japan, you may have heard aboutSeki cityin Gifu Pref. located near Nagoya city.
Famous for its sward and cutlery production, clear water pond (“
Monet’s Pond”) and river, and also traditional Ukai cormorant fishing
, tourists to Seki is increasing. Seki Cutlery Festivalis popular among tourists.
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Let me introduce one of our users "Ozeki Cooking School" in Seki.
Some visitors and chefs find this special place as their final destination. Students satisfy their curiosity toward “Washoku” learning about Japanese cooking, foods, and also culture taught by chef Shuji Ozeki in his fluent English with his deep knowledge.

Ozeki CS 

Surprisingly, customers came from over 30 countries!
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Even professional chefs stay for weeks longing to take classes with skilled chef Shuji.
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His cooking school was rated 5.0 in Trip Advisor and many customers come back again and again to see him and his mother. Some of the reasons he attracts visitors are his friendliness and homey cooking style.

Remarkably, he was interviewed by one of the Japanese major newspaper “Asahi Shimbun” and the article is now available in English on the web! 

You can experience more than just cooking there in the same area,
in Oct. we have the Seki Cutlery Festival, it's a great time to visit!
Please check out the article and share with your friends!

HP http://www.ozekicookingschool.com/